About me

Perhaps you share my love of painting and for art generally.

For me, it started in childhood, and you can read more about my story in my blog: My Journey

I was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1964 and moved to Cornwall at the age of three when my family returned to the UK. I did my Foundation Diploma in Art at Falmouth Art School and then a Degree in Fine Art at Cardiff College of Art.

I have been settled in Wales for nearly 40 years. In 2017 I was elected a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy for the Arts in Wales.

My still life and flower paintings can be seen at various galleries from Cornwall to Hertfordshire.

I mostly paint at my home studio in Cardiff. My studio was once an Edwardian shop and we have retained the beautiful stained glass shop windows while I have created shutters for privacy and to control the light.

Sometimes I am away from the studio. I regularly take my paints to Cornwall when visiting my mother and on other trips, usually to rural Wales.

I am a keen gardener and grow flowers, which feature in my paintings, both in our courtyard garden and my allotment in Cardiff.

I’m fortunate to have relationships with galleries built up over several years. It is best to contact them if you are interested in purchasing my work. There may also be a small number of paintings available from our home in Cardiff. These are in my website store. Please contact me if you’d like to arrange a viewing, bearing in mind that I’m often busy in the studio!

Lynne Cartlidge creates gentle compositional studies of objects found in the everyday: a vase of flowers, a teacup, the familiar settings of a table, where each positioning of an apparently ordinary item takes centre stage as resonant balanced elements, played out as a musician might arrange notes on a scale. Her work as a colourist is evident. A table cloth provides the platform of the palette as do the particular flowers appearing in the display, and the arrangement of these elements in relation to the particular light cast by the environment, change the palette of shadows cast across the cloth by the objects.

 Zoë Gingell, Director, Cardiff MADE

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