About me

My work is about light, space and colour.

At one of my recent exhibitions, a visitor told me how much emotion he felt as he looked at my paintings of everyday objects and flowers.

I took this as a great compliment. He said this wasn’t a common experience when he looked at pictures and he seemed genuinely a little bit mystified by it.

Another recent visitor commented that I come from what he calls the “shaky hand" school of painting, which made me laugh! He said that, for him what is important is that there is life in a picture rather than the deadness of details being correctly captured.

I most often paint from life using everyday objects in everyday light. Daylight never stays exactly the same and from moment to moment everything can change.

As I look at a still life, I am always moving in relation to it. The shapes and colours will change depending on where I am in space. There is movement in the stillness.

The process is a series of decisions about colour and mark, made in response to subject. All influenced by accumulated knowledge and experience while at the same time it is important to allow the marks, colours and the painting itself to ‘be themselves’.

A painting that has its own life and meaning with the possibility of moving a viewer, then has the chance to grow.

I was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1964 and moved to Cornwall at the age of three when my family returned to the UK. I did my Foundation Diploma in art at Falmouth Art School and then a Degree in Fine Art at Cardiff College of Art. 

 I have been settled in Wales for 30 years which is where my son was born, but regularly take trips to Cornwall where I still have relatives. 

 I have also enjoyed studying painting with Alice Mumford at St Ives School of Painting and with Hugo Grenville at Studio Grenville in Bristol.

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Arlunydd dw i yng Nghaerdydd, De Cymru.

Dw i’n peintio gwrthrychau bob dydd, ffrwythau a blodau a bywyd llonydd arall pan mae golau arnyn nhw.Llawer o’r blodau yn fy lluniau sy’n dod o fy ngardd a fy rhandir.Tynnu lluniau sy’n bwysig i fi a dw i’n mwynhau tynnu lluniau o bobl pan fydd cyfle.Ces i fy ngeni yn Seland Newydd ond ces i fy magu yng Nghernyw lle mae fy nheulu yn byw nawr.

Astudiais i yn Falmouth, Cernyw a Chaerdydd. Dw i wedi astudio gydag arlunwyr fel Cherry Pickles, Terry Setch a Mike Crowther. Yn ddiweddar dw i wedi bod i weithdai gydag Alice Mumford a Rose Hilton.Dw i’n byw yng Nghaerdydd nawr lle mae stiwdio gyda fi mewn siop Edwardaidd.Yn 2014 ces i fy ariannu gan Gyngor Celfyddydau Cymru er mwyn i mi astudio rhagor gyda’r arlunydd, Alice Mumford yn yr Ysgol Arlunio yn St Ives, Cernyw. 

Dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg. Dw i newydd basio arholiad Sylfaen.